Frozen Gnome 2018

Frozen Gnome is a great winter race, put on by Ornery Mule Racing.  Runners can choose to run 10k (1 loop) or 50k (5 loops).  Course conditions change from year to year, well.. day to day really.  Earlier in the week, it was cold and snow… mid week 50s and rain, followed by single digits and sun.  It went from looking like a snow covered course to almost completely dry…and cold.  After racing the 50k last year, I decided 10k would be the warmest choice.

The Start

The weather seemed much warmer when I first woke up… 3 degrees and a speedo didn’t seem like a bad choice at the time. Luckily, I quickly warmed up once the race started.

Properly dressed for a 10k. 3F at the start, sub 0 windchill.

The race went out quick, and I was happy to settle into 2nd place heading into the woods.  Shortly into the 2nd mile, I made the pass for the lead.  I was hoping to run ~40 minutes or slightly under.   Everything seemed to be going well.  Unfortunately, I missed a turn at 2.3 miles, and didn’t realize it until it was too late.  I ended up adding an extra half mile or so to the course.  I guess I just wanted to get an extra hill for Western States training lol.  Oh well.  It’s a good reminder to always pay attention,  even when you think you know the course.  Never get too comfortable.  Frozen Gnome 10k Data 

Working on that ice beard.

I ended up finishing 5th.  The top 5 of us all went under the previous course record, so that was pretty cool.  Congrats to Ian La Belle and Heidi Mane on their 10k wins, and Kyle Larson and Brienne Famera for winning the 50k.

I was definitely happy to cross the finish line and put some clothes on.  It took a few heavy layers and a couple cups of coffee to finally get warm again.

I would like to say thank you to Michele and Ornery Mule Racing for putting on a great event.  The RD is great, and seriously some of the best volunteers!  Thank you!  Squirrel’s Nut Butter — Thanks for keeping my skin happy.  Not only does it prevent chafing, but it works as a healing salve.  It was great seeing many old friends again, and congrats to everyone that finished the 50k & 10k.  See you at Earth Day!

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