Ice Age Trail FKT Attempt — Quick Facts

Hey Everyone, thanks for tuning in. The Crew has made it to St Croix Falls, WI. Woohoo. We’ll be starting the IAT FKT attempt at 7am, on June 1. We’ll be posting nightly updates, if we have cell signal. Day 1 is looking to be great weather, so we hope to push through about 65 miles to start.

Here is the tracking link: it’ll go live at 6:55am. This should work for the entirety of the trip. You can switch between “live view” and “history view.”

After a successful Big Run for Small Business (Thank you to all that donated!) we wanted to use this time to raise money for the Ice Age Trail. The trail is all volunteer maintained, and that is possible through donations. More about the IAT here

We also have set up a fundraiser with Feeding America, as nobody should have to go hungry. Feeding America partners provides over 4.3 billion meals per year to people in the United States. Big Run for Grub

Thank you for the support! We are looking forward to keeping you updated on the progress over the next few weeks 😀

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